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Diet Plan

Since a lot of people were asking for a diet chart i am posting this.

Forget the 3 meal policy.And if you were any bit like me i am sure you would have been eating 24X7.My sister is against this breakfast/lunch/dinner.According to her it should be meal 1,2,3,4,5,6... luckily she stopped at 6.

So anyways split your food across 5-6 divisions

Meal 1(Breakfast):NEVER Skip your first meal.It starts the metabolism.
Eat something fresh like fruits and a glass of milk.
or measured quantities for e.g 2 idlies/chapathi/paratha with 100 gms veg

Meal 2
: Should be timed in such a way that its between your breakfast and lunch
1 Fruit(Its better to eat the fruit than having it as a juice)
Else try 4 digestive biscuits like marie
or a Glass of soup(veg with no butter)

Meal 3 (Lunch): 2 Chappathis with 1 cup dal and 1 cup Vegetables
a Large Bowl of Salad(Cucumber/Tomato/Cabbage/Carrot/Greens/Sprouts)
a Plain Sandwich{Use your imagination : Pudhina chutney/Egg/Channa}

Meal 4: Can be similar to meal 2

Meal 5(Dinner): 1 chappathi with 1 cup dal + 1 cup Vegetable +1 cup Curd
You can also have a glass of milk in the night.
You have to be up for atleast an hour(preferably 2 hours) before you sleep.

This Just gives an idea of how you should be eating
Some Pointers:
*Stick to fruits and vegetables in the raw.
You can eat mangoes and bananas but control the frequency.
Better fruits would be Oranges,grapes,papaya,apples,watermelon etc.
If you are having juice dont take with sugar.You can use Honey as an alternative.
*AVOID Sugar and that means no sweets.
Does not have any nutritive value.
If you are a coffee/tea drinker(or an addict like me) reduce the sugar slowly over a period of time and finally you will be able to drink it without sugar (yes its possible i am doing that now)
*Please Note does not matter how much your mom loves you NO BUTTER/NO OIL.
*Vegetable should be cooked with minimum oil.
*Milk Should be Skimmed.
*Also include in your salad boiled potatoes but not too frequently
*For Non Veg eat chicken in limited quantities.Preferably have boiled chicken.Around 100-200 gms per week was my norm.
Fish would be a preference but NO DEEP FRYING!Prawns should be avoided.
Egg : eat only the white.
Mutton : NO
*Rice : twice a week is what i followed and that too 150 gms each meal.The advantage of chappathis is you can eat 2-3 of them and it will be equivalent to 150 gms of rice.
*Remember to eat more of dal and vegetables than rice.
*No pickles/Sugar/Oily stuff/Samosas/puffs/fast food junk/ice cream/cool drinks.
*When eating NV you can eat that itself as the base of your meal.
*Breads try 6 grain or wheat bread
*Dont eat and then Immediately sleep
*Drink at least 12 glasses of water(warm water if possible)
*Eat slowly and relish your food
*Remember you should NOT STARVE.If you are feeling very hungry drink juices/soups.Listen to your body and change the diet as per its response.Its ok to gorge once in a while say 1 day every fortnight bcoz i dont think its humanly possible to keep away from all the goodies for a long time.reward yourself every 2 kilos loss by eating something you like.Use your imagination and try different combinations.

One very good diet plan i followed was the GM Diet.Put a search for works.All the Best.


Blogger Rejitha said...

Hmmmm... i sure do hope someone follows it properly and shows up the results too [YOU KNOW WHO.... ;)]

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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