Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I am very Sorry...

I feel so bad and if this continues my blog is going to be the saddest one in cyber world.This time i am the one who is guilty.I forgot my dearest friends birthday and i did not remember till he reminded me.And i cannot believe it that I could forget.I am the one who used to scrap/call/msg people and remind them of friends birthdays.Sheesh!! Talk about ironic.
And personally i get bugged when people forget my birthday... i Would get mad.

I wish there was some way i could make it up to him.So if anyone has a time machine send it to me so that i can go back and wish him.But seriously i am wondering what was i doing that made me forget.I wish i could say something like Signing a nuclear treaty or something.But i was not.I was busy and so invloved with my life and that makes me a very Selfish B****.
And if it was anyone else i think i could forgive myself but he has always been with me when i needed help the most.His patience with my tears and tantrums has been mind boggling.And now i feel like such a fool.

In all fairness i was trying to decide where i will be spending the next two years,rushing with my papers and i did have a personal issue but i even called up and updated him on all the above.Now i feel so sad.Though i have been blessed with the gift to write i am not able to explain in words how important his friendship is to me.He has been a fantastic friend one of my dearest rakhi brothers whom i have called up far too many times to wail!I will always remember when i was waiting for my CTS results i was so tensed he was with me so that i wont freak out.When i got information that i had not made it into fms he came from his office to cheer me up..and was there when i got the news that i actually made it!He has been one of the first persons i share good and bad news with.He is like a safe i know that what ever i say will not go beyond him.Though we differ on a number of issues and he does not understand what makes me tick he supports me for the simple fact that that what makes me happy.Well what i am trying to say is I am Very Very Sorry!!And Aanish you have every right to be angry.


Blogger Ankit said...

I have been there .... aise dont worry if he is such a nice frnd he will forget this minor fault of urs

2:16 PM  
Blogger OrganizedChaos said...

and he has already forgiven... well i will wait for 2 weeks before i ask treat!

9:27 PM  
Blogger Rejitha said...

I dont feel remembering birthdays is a big thing as long are you are there for the person when he/she needs you and vice versa..

[P.S : Well!!! I am saying this only because I forgot even my mother's birthday ;). And in my case i did not even have a busy life like you :)]

6:00 AM  
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