Friday, April 07, 2006

OOh AAh Ouch!!

In my latest desire to be fit i have started doing some stretching exercies and believe me when my Physio showed it it looked easy but yesterday when i did the whole set i was in pain.Never realised my body had rusted to such a large degree.
So now in my quest to work on my quads,hamstrings etc... i put myself through medivial torture and after 40 minutes i come out limping in need of medical care.
I have been told that in a week i will become more flexible but right now i feel like a creaky old robot.But an image of me running in a marathon without heaving for breath keeps me going!I can do it!!!


Blogger Ankit said...

Best of luck with tht.
I m the biggest quitter of all time when it comes to Gym, I started for arnd 5 times and quit within a month each time.
But hell why m i tellin u this coz u need motivation. Go on ....

9:34 PM  

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