Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reality Bites!

Today i chatted with my Brother Nishanth after SUCH a long time!He is my cousin.And one of my dearest friends and confidante.
We share birthdays.I was born on his 2nd birthday and immediately being the youngest i got all the attention.(Hey i was a cute baby and lets not comment on present status)As legend goes(thats just the story teller in me) he was so jealous that he was caught beating me in 2 separate occassions.Of course he maintains it that he knew that i would grow up looking like a hippo so he took his chances when i was in a more manageable state.(huh!)

Anyways we have almost always celebrated our birthdays together and i love to hear the "same to you" when we wish each other.He is my elder brother but doesnt behave like a bossy one.He is sweet and caring (no he is not paying me to write this)and i can tell him anything knowing that it will not go beyond him.He left to the USA to pursue his MS in 2002 and i havent met him since then but we do keep in touch.I miss him so much.So today when i got to talk to him it was great.

Anyways this is where the Philosophy comes.Well it always enters our life when things dont go our way.Have you heard the "Everything happens for good".But this time it was because we both were idle!(hey what did you expect... an inspired dream!).So anyways we got talking about how life has changed.We have all grown up from the 5 boisterous kids who could wreck a home in far too many ways to adults(well if u can call us that).My eldest brother is getting married and guess thats what was in the back of our minds apart from "oh my god! We will be next".Some of us have started working and all of us are at that scary ledge between home where we were safely cocconed and the world where reality beckons.We have all gone different ways .My eldest brother is in animation.Nishanth is in BioMedical Instrumentation.One sis is in the IT industry and another is in Visual communication.As Nishanth put it it is sad and amazing where life takes us.And its Scary too.Its like the Murder Mystery where you don't know what is happening yet you are scared and thrilled at the same time.

I still remember crashing at my cousins house and we would start our research on 1001 ways to do time would start with playing cards and i must say that our mothers were the best cheats..Of course another research was 1001 ways to bug our parents.It would start with us finishing all the food in the house and then going to the kitchen every 5 minutes asking if food is ready.We would finish all the ingredients even before they got to the method of the recipe.It was only when they started giving work that we realised that its better to shout "We are Hungry" from the Bedroom itself.Another Favourite pass time was when we went shopping with them.Sure it meant standing for long hours and carrying all the bags(child labour)but we would force them to give us ice cream/cool drinks at regular intervals which became too expensive for them and fianlly they would leave us at home of course when they came back after 2-3 hours the house would look like the demo of the atom bomb blast site.Did anyone mention innocent children!{sigh} good old days.Of course our parents threaten us that we are going to get small devil like kids too but we retort that we will leave our children with their grand parents!Hee Hee!

But Seriously cant imagine us as mature adults!Hope we never lose the fun loving streak in us.But going by how our parents and grandparents are i think we will still be the same mischevious lot,Sure with Jobs and our own families(scary) but we will know how to laugh together.

Anyways i will get to see Nishanth again at the wedding and the four of us are planning to Rag Vicky(the groom)!!
Note to myself: Have to tell Vicky about the mysterious phone call that he recieved on feb 14th 2000 was actually my friend.Hopefully he will be so happy about his wedding that he wont kill me!


Blogger ironmetpriest said...

Hey Anu I read your blog on Reality Bites. It was great. I just loved it a lot. I am not able to stop smiling even now as I am typing this. It just brought the old memories right in front of me. Ohhh.. How I miss them......Hey what can I say I was lucky to have sisters like you (not in physical size) that to 3 of them,the most lovely in my life (apart from your Mom and my Mom). I miss you all. I just cant stop wondering or saying over and over again, how the life has changed. I love you and miss you a lot. I am looking forward to be in contact more often than now.

10:36 AM  
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