Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tears running inside me

Everybody has a way of expressing their feelings.Some people talk about it for hours and hours.Some bottle up their feelings and drown them in a number of bottles or puffs.Some just snap at the people around.Some just write it in a blog and practice cyber genocide.Well i am one of the latter.

And if you are stil reading this boy you are suicidal.Anyways i enjoy taking a pen and joting down whatever i feel and at times the words just jostle around my brain they push each other away and fight for a space in my page then they come out in torrents and after i write them down i try to understand what i have written and to date i have not.So if you do please drop in a note.

Warning: Serious Stuff.Read it at your own risk

"Tears running inside me"

Lowered my gaze
removed the armour
bared my soul
only to feel your barbed wire
sharp so sharp your words
Like a million shards inside me
tears running inside me
who is that mocking me?
my reflections jeering at me
voices in my head laughing crying
somebody stop it
its a never ending fight
going down down down
i left my chute
and took the leap
only to fall
my hand reaches out
but only air is there
and then i see the emptiness in your eyes
your each word tears at my soul
soul is shot but the armour is back
and i smile with tears running inside me..


Blogger Ankit said...

i miss this ..... i wish i had this talent of giving rhymes to my feelings.
Only one querry wat makes u cry ???

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice. It makes so much sense to write down how you feel. No? I don't know exactly how to express that feeling. Its not exactly letting go, almost like giving a sense of purpose to the anguish within you.

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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