Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What makes me cry?

I got a Query "What makes you cry?".I was going to answer it but then it really made me think(shocking but true)

1. When i am not in control : Well not that i am a control freak its just that i like to have a hand in what happens with me.there have been times when i was in a helpless position and i had to depend on others .I hated it.

2. This is the most important one .I if i am VERY hungry and there is no food around i have a tendency to wail

3. When some one has broken my trust.Like i have said before i am an extremist so i have a tendency to trust implicitly and then feel like a moron later.Damn.

4. But the maximum times i have cried is when i am happy.Like when i got placed or just when i am so grateful and i try to tell how much i appreciate that person.Once i remember i got up to thank my warden who had helped me a lot when i was not well and in front of 100 odd girls i ended up crying and believe even i didn't see that coming!!

But being an army officers daughter i do not appreciate tears.So not many people have seen me cry that is except for the reasons 4 and 2.I prefer sitting in a corner and writing stuff under the name of poetry which are bound to make others cry!!Ha ha..call me wicked!!

And you know whats the best part of poetry..no one understands it!!

So i could keep a diary in a hostel with 300 girls knowing that no one would understand it.. each page would carry a few lines which reflected what i felt.Of course i have had the well wishers who wanted to psycho analyse me!!
So when i write something like

"A deep Hunger within,
devouring all sense of right or wrong"

I am not refering to any void in my life it is more like i am Hungry and i am wondering whether i should be taking the biscuits from your bag or going down to the mess!

But there are those close friends of mine who read my face or poetry and identify the issue so correctly.Its amazing coz i myself would not know what is bothering me!


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