Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why did you lie?

And i apologise to everyone.I guess i have been feeling a bit upset about something and that is why i have been churning out crap after crap and this is the latest addition.So basically if you are not a heart patient and dont have any other health problems and dont have issues with words that try to paint images you can read on.

Why did you lie?
There is this silence between us now
and it screams and tears me apart
Why did you lie?
Why did you lie so many times?
I cannot take it any more
Memories reel together
words empty words oh so hollow
standing in front of the mirror
my fingertips touch the others
reality merges into illusion
and i see your face
pain dissolves into tears
every smile every line is now a lie
slash on my wrist
a stake through my heart
sitting in a corner
feeling so naked so alone
with only a question
why did you lie?
why did you make me believe?

And for those who are wondering why i still put up some stuff like this.No i do not wish to have a ban put on my poetry it is just for my friends who understand and like my stuff or at least for those who pretend to!!


Blogger styleguy said...

Hey Ahalya....though I don't have the slightest imagination of what's on in your life, I can still, somehow identify with your words.

And yeah...your posts have all the ingredients to make an awesome blogger.... :-).

Cheers ! -- Anurag.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Crazy Life said...

i donno wat to say anu!!!!

5:00 AM  
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